What is a VPN and why do I need one?

Even though VPNs are becoming increasingly popular, they remain a mystery to many.
Traditionally they were used in companies to allow employees to access a secure internal and private network.
Nowadays everyone can use a Vpn server free, a use that is basically given for two reasons: privacy and watching television.
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In addition, there are also VPN extensions for your browser. Do not miss our article on the best VPN extension for your browser.
VPN: online privacy and incognito navigation
Stories like the one of the activist Edward Snowden and the battle of Apple against the government of the United States for their refusal to help them unlock an iPhone in case the latter require it, shows the importance that online privacy plays in our time, and with it the VPN.
Your ISP stores a record of all the pages you visit; If the government required that registration, you would be required by law to provide them with that information.
If you feel that this obligation violates your privacy, it is recommended that you start using a VPN.
Even if your privacy is something that does not stop worrying you, you should bear in mind that when you are using a laptop or mobile device in a public Wi-Fi network you are exposing your browsing habits to anyone who wants to “gossip”.
Or if you have ever used your online bank connected to one of these public Wi-Fi networks without using a Vpn server free , you may have even more serious problems.
The popularity of VPN connections increased dramatically in the United States after the Senate voted to eliminate the privacy rules that prevented any IPS from selling or sharing your data and information about your browsing habits without your permission.
Yes, you are reading correctly, in the United States your IPS can sell the data about your web browsing to advertisers without your consent. NordVPN has more information on this topic on its website.
VPN: streaming content
On the other hand, if you enjoy watching TV on demand or subscribing to streaming services , you may find quite a few limitations depending on your location.
For example, BBC iPlayer or Sky Go are only available in the United Kingdom, and although Netflix is ​​available in almost all countries, not all its content is the same depending on the location due to country licensing restrictions.
A VPN can help you access that blocked content in your country (although you should know that in many cases this means breaking the rules and conditions of use).

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